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I'm In Florida,So Here's Story About Ponce de Leon And Other American Myths

Painting of Agueybana greeting Juan Ponce de León from U.S. Military. Painting by Puerto Rican artist Agustin Anavitate. (Source: Wikipedia)From the New York Times:

Florida probably was first sighted by Portuguese navigators, or perhaps by the Cabots sailing from England. Either way, it started appearing on maps as early as 1500. By 1510, its distinctive peninsular shape had emerged clearly on maps in Europe. By 1513, when Ponce de Léon first arrived, so many Europeans had visited Florida that some Indians greeted him in Spanish.

Sounds about right.

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No More "Grown and Sexy" Cougars, Please!

There are some slang terms I'd like to murder. Like "playa hater," which won't die no matter how old the phrase is or "shawty" (*shudder*), but two terms that have caused me to spit up my Maxwell House are "grown and sexy" and "cougar."

One term is ludicrous, used to describe those tacky over 21 night club soirees that are always filled with decidedly "not grown" old people who dress like teenagers and think adulthood is about Stacey Adams and wearing a Jersey over your wife beater and that "sexy" is about illicit fornication with strangers who smell like Sean John and menthols.

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