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Married or Not, Black Women Are Having Fewer Kids

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an illuminating post for The Atlantic shedding light on some hard numbers that reveal the stereotype of black women, unmarried, pumping out babies as fast as they can print welfare checks is mere myth.

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Black Men Blame Media, Themselves For Less Cliff Huxtable, More "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" Stereotype

For Father's Day this Sunday, The Root did a poll of black dads talking about the "bad rap" they get, with 64 percent of those men blaming the media for the negative perception. But, 21 percent of those polled also blamed black men themselves for the problematic reputation of being non-existent or negligent fathers. 

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Parents, Children Need To Dream A Bigger Dream

Little girl and woman at Fair (Belton Family photo) No Wedding. No Womb.My mother taught me about sex when I was nine-years-old. Nine. Years before my first period or puberty. Years before I was interested in having sex. Years before peers and television would try to feed me misinformation.

She wanted me to hear it from her first because she knew the truth. She wanted to give me the choice that only knowledge can bring.

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