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Lanny Davis, Terrry McAuliffe Star In: "Never Say Die"

Never give up! Never surrender!

Oh, Lanny and Terry, you make me laugh. It's so cute how you want to play dead-enders to Clinton's quixotic campaign. Perhaps there are some windmills you can go fight as well. May I suggest you select Bill Clinton as Sancho Panza?

After talking over the race with Papa Snob last night we surmised that maybe Clinton would suspend her campaign but would hold on to her delegates. After all, this was the closest race ever for the Democratic nomination. She has more than 1,900 delegates, so we're betting she's going to hide out in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, hold tight to her delegates and wait for a stage five campaign collapse in Obama Land.

She can't do much to cause the collapse (see: blow back), but she can "wait and see." The spotlight will be off her (thank God) and on the new fight, Obama v. John McCain. I still don't think she wants to be vice president and I don't think Obama wants her to be his vice president. I think he wants her to tell her people to stop chanting "Denver" and unite to defeat the Republicans in November. But Clinton is channeling her inner LBJ and wants Obama to need her more than she needs him. She knows he needs all those jaded women voters who feel their historic year was usurped by Obama's historic year.

Analysts on CNN were aghast that Clinton was "defiant" while Obama gushed praise for her, but this was one of those "well, duh" moments for me. When is Clinton not defiant? I realize everyone wants to see her get humbled (or embarrassed), but I wouldn't lose any sleep waiting for that. Besides, she lost. To the victor goes the spoils ... and the praising of the loser.

Everyone's lovable once they're not a threat anymore. It's like Kobe Bryant saying how great Tim Duncan and the Spurs were the whole time they beat them down. They were just so honored to go 3-1 against the aging champs. When Lamar Odom dunked in their faces that was a tribute to their body of work. When you're on top you don't need to jab the loser in the eye. That would make you the childish asshole. Obama was a gracious and humble winner. I didn't expect him to be anything less than that.

And if anyone was watching CNN last night, did you see Jeffrey Toobin lose his shit over Hillary Clinton not conceding. Oddly, CNN does not have that video uploaded on their site. (But you can see it on The Huffington Post here.) I wish they had put it up there because it was friggin' hilarious. Instead you'll have to settle for this clip of Donna Brazile pulling that same "boo" mess on Anderson Cooper she pulled on Stephen Colbert last week. There's something a little uncomfortable about watching Donna flirt with people, but it's still funny.


Here He Is, Mr. Democratic Nominee

The inevitable finally happened. (Gee ... who would have thought the black guy would have been the inevitable one?) Barack Obama is the Democratic Party nominee for president. I'm rather dumbstruck about it all, but not so dumbstruck to not dedicate another pictorial to the Obamas who reached the summit of Mt. DNC.

Barack looked beatific in his dark suit and sky blue tie. Michelle rocked a sleeveless purple dress with her favorite black belt and heels. It wasn't my favorite Michelle outfit, mostly because ... sigh ... I'm tired of the belt (will put together a belt montage later), but she still looked awesome.

*All photos from Reuters and The Associated Press


AP Is Saying It's Over While the CNN Says He's A Mere 12 Delegates Away

Also, Maxine Waters has flipped from Clinton to Obama.

Read the AP's take on "a historic step toward (Obama's) once-improbable goal of becoming the nation's first black president" here.

Political experts think Clinton will likely "suspend" her campaign then later concede.

None of this has sunk in for me yet. But, believe me, if my cynical heart melts and I start singing Negro Spirituals, you will be the first to know.

And for poops and giggles, this is a ad I caught a few days ago on CNN (and saw again today). It's a Bush = McCain ad. Personally, I don't think anyone could equal Bush completely as the man has the direct opposite of the Midas touch, but as a piece of pure guerrilla marketing (or propaganda), this ad is a lethal act of both supersonic meta marketing and unsubtle imagery. Largely because of their gratuitous use of "The Patty Duke Show's" theme song.

It's very vintage, "Nick at Nite."

Move On's efforts to draft McBush as Siamese twins continues with their, The Bush-McCain Challenge. I took the challenge (which, since I'm 30, made me think of the Coke Taste Test/Pepsi Challenges of the 1980s), and failed horribly. Perhaps my political Kung Fu is not as good as it used to be.