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Clutch Magazine: NewsBeast Says Obama Sucks This Month, But Give It 30 Days

This week for Clutch I tackle Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown's love for an attention grabbing cover -- whether that attention is good or not. Like the little kid in class who will take love and hate in equal doses since it both counts as a form of EVERYONE LOOK AT ME, Newsweek may have used President Obama as a punching bag for its latest cover, but history suggests by next month Obama could be awesome, or it could be his opponent Mitt Romney's turn again to get punched in the nards by a periodical. You never know.

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Tina Brown's Got Some 'Splainin To Do Over Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover

Click to Enlarge.Don't care for Michele Bachmann. Won't vote for Michele Bachmann. Think the woman is crazy pants. But even the craziest of pants didn't deserve this Deer-In-The-Headlights cover Newsweek threw together "Burn Book" style. Plus, the photo definitely doesn't go with calling Bachmann "The Queen of Rage." That cover is more "The Queen of Confusion." Or "The Queen of Surprise." Or "The Queen of WTF." Not that I expect that much of Tina Brown's Newsweek covers which, of late, has featured everything from a Zombie Princess of Wales to Sarah Palin in short-shorts. (Was that Tina's fault? I can't remember if the short-shorts cover was pre- or post-Tina Brown's Newsweek/Daily Beast merger.) Either way, the covers have been, well, odd of lately. So even though "crazy eye" Michele Bachmann is kind of a real thing, I find it hard to believe out of all the horrible photos they took of this woman the one that made her look slightly learning disabled was the best one.


End-of-the-Year Media Shuffle Feat. TJ Holmes, Star Jones

It's December! Meaning now is the time to get dumped, hired, fired, move on or be replaced. It's time for some winter house cleaning before the new tax year starts. What's going down in medialand for the end of 2010? Larry King's leaving. But you already knew that. This column is for everyone else. Your John Robertses and your TJ Holmeses and your Star Joneses. Your other folks. Which, you know, gives me a perfectly good excuse to put up yet another picture of Holmes after ending my "Google Stalking TJ Holmes" feature last spring when he got married to that woman who was not me.

Life goes on. So who's staying and going?

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