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Disney First Black Princess Prepares Debut (Guest Post)

By Nadra Kareem
Race Relations Guide

After much ado, Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" opens Nov. 25 in select cities. The film will be the first Disney production to feature a black heroine. While much of the viewing public is excited that an African American will be added to Disney's multicultural list of leading ladies, which includes Mulan, Pocahontas and Esmeralda, others have lambasted the film long before its November release.

So, what do naysayers have against "The Princess and the Frog?" The main objections are that Tiana, the film's protagonist, spends much of the film as a frog rather than as a black woman; the prince is not African American; and the film's portrayal of voodoo.

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Question of the Day: The Battle Over Precious - Art Or Exploitation?

I've been reading a lot of varying views about the new Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfery backed film "Precious." Everything from criticism of it being exploitive from Armond White to a recent Root article criticizing the young lead actress' weight.

As some of you probably already know, "Precious" is based on the book "Push" by poet Sapphire and tells the story of a sexually, emotionally and physically abused overweight black teen, set in the late-1980s inner city. White probably had one of the more interesting (and in some parts, maddening) critique of the film. He labels it as the "con job of the year," all but calling director Lee Daniels a sick pervert and Winfrey/Perry black poverty pimps.

Wait. He actually did kind of call them that. Saying that Daniels knows how to "turn a racial trick."

Of course, White praises the Eddie Murphy films "Meet Dave" and "Norbit" by comparison, jettisoning his argument to a certain extent. I mean, how can you trust the opinion of someone who thought Norbit passed the sniff test? But even a proverbial broken clock is right twice a day.

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Tyler Perry. 60 Minutes Interview. Discuss.

Filmmaker and "King of the Chitlun Circuit" playwrite Tyler Perry was on 60 Minutes last night. You all know how I feel about the works of Tyler Perry. I have no problem will people enjoying crap, but it could at least be competently shot and blocked crap. But that's me. I can't get past the corniness of it all, but the market speaks for itself. Watch and tell me what you think.