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Mittens Finds A Mate: Paul Ryan Is Romney's GOP "Dream Date" Candidate

Photo via ClutchMitt Romney, the on purpose yet somehow accidental, presumptive GOP candidate for president announced Saturday that Rep. Paul Ryan will be his running mate. He announced this news during a time/date slot normally reserved for stories politicians want to bury in the haze of lazy Fridays, sleep-in Saturdays, an audience focused on how to get their drink on this weekend, not the news and the Olympics.

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Clutch Magazine: Team Romney Throws Up Condi Rice-Shaped Distraction, Fails

This Monday for Clutch Magazine Online, I took a break from my nephew babysitting duties to pen a post on how in an effort to get people talking about anything but Bain Capital, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's name was thrown about this weekend as a possible vice presidential pick for wannabe Robot-In-Chief Mitt Romney.

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theGrio: Book Publisher Karen Hunter Is "Unapologetically Black"

Karen Hunter is the woman behind Karen Hunter Publishing.For theGrio this week I penned an article on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, professor and book publisher Karen Hunter. Hunter (who is a quote machine) talks about everything from handling the fall-out surrounding Kris Jenner's memoir -- which came out around the same time as the announcement of her daughter Kim Kardashian's divorce -- to the time she said on MSNBC that Mitt Romney wanted to be president of "Caucasia-stan."

Calling herself "unapolegtically black," Hunter never once hold's her tongue as she talks about starting her own business will holding on to her fighter's spirit, always speaking truth to power.

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