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Michelle Rhee May Have Lied To You About Those Test Scores

Or, more like when testmaker McGraw-Hill asked former D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee to investigate the high number of erasures on tests indicating that adults went in and changed kids' wrong answers to the right ones, she didn't do that. Then Rhee went on Oprah and became an education rock star based a possible fraud created by panicked teachers and principals who feared losing their jobs due to low test scores. The Daily Beast went in on her, twice, on their site today.

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D.C. School Chancellor Rhee Out After Fenty Loss

Did the controversial D.C. school chancellor Michelle Rhee make things better for the embattled Washington, D.C. public school system or was she a "cold" and "aloof" administrator who brought more problems than she solved? I'm still learning about Rhee's tenure, so I don't have much of a take on it, but I do know this much: The woman wasn't exactly on a friend-making tour as the local D.C. teachers' unions hate her vehemently for how she was never afraid to fire anybody (or everybody for that matter).

Now, after all the drama and reform, she's out.

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