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The Snob Talks Bachmann, the Virginia Ballot and Sports Concussions on NPR

The Snob returned to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin Wednesday to talk Michele Bachmann suspending her campaign, how most GOP presidential hopefuls aren't on the Virginia ballot (and my suspicion that most of these folks weren't really serious about their election prospects or running), sports head injuries and Janet Jackson hawking weight loss plans for Nutrisystem. I was on the show with regulars Viviana Hurtado of The Wise Latina Club, Michelle Bernard of the Bernard Center for Women and sports anchor Kristen Berset of Washington, D.C.'s WUSA TV.

Check out the audio from the show after the jump.

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Mitt Romney Barely Beats Surging Santorum While Rick Perry Adorably Continues Losing Campaign

Rick Perry keeps running, literally and in the race for 2012. (Via Twitter)In the latest round of "Anybody But Mittens," Mitt Romney barely beat out a booming Rick Santorum for an Iowa Caucus win. And by "barely," I mean there's an eight vote difference. But ol' Ricky Santorum even getting this far is an amazing feat considering the game of musical chairs various GOP candidates have played in their fight for front-runner.

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Campaigns In Crisis: Michele Bachmann Mails It In While Herman Cain Staffers Call Him "Chaotic"

Danger! Danger in the campaigns! After nearly all of her New Hampshire primary campaign staff quit, Michele Bachmann became the ONLY Republican running for president who filed her papers for the NH primary via Pony Express, aka "the mail." But she's not the only GOPer lacking staff these days. Godfather Pizza man and gospel music superstar Herman Cain is the unwilling star of a New York Times story this Thursday where his ex-aides claim the "Cain Train" is a hot mess of un-CEO-like disorganization.

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