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Carol Moseley Braun Resorts to Calling Opponent A Crack Head

Carol Moseley Braun, in a private mayoral forum held in a church called her opponent Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins a crack addict. Did I mention this happened in a church? It was a church. And she pulled a verbal wig snatch saying that the reason why Van-Pelt Watkins wasn't aware of what she'd been up to for the past 20 years was because Van-Pelt Watkins was on that crack rock. Apparently 20-years-ago, Braun was out playing Ice T to Van-Pelt Watkins' Pookie in their personal Chicago-land production of "New Jack City."

What on earth just happened?

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Race Debate For City Contracts Colors Chicago Mayor's Race

Chicago Mayor candidate James MeeksIn an article for The Loop 21 today, I discuss a recent faux pas by Chicago Mayoral candidate James Meeks who in trying to decry the decline in city contracts going to black-owned businesses wandered off into murky racial and gender territory when he ditched the nuance to make it seem as if all minority contracts should go towards only African American firms, not female, Hispanic or Asian lead ones.

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WTF: "Oh You Fenty Huh?" Pro-Fenty Rap Jam Hits Web (Video)

I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and went ... wait? What? The video, featuring a quartet of rappers doing a version of Drake's hit "Fancy" popped up on YouTube Sept. 9th, just in time for the DC mayoral election. Produced and paid for by THE CONNOISSEURS, with music arranged and produced by Press Play Studios, the video is in support of current DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. This video seems ... well, very different from how Fenty has presented himself. He's not in the video which features just your standard rappers profiling kind of stuff intersected with shots from around the city. It's quite well done and a great looking video. But it almost seems kind of foreign to hear a rap song done in tribute to him featuring school kids and adoring young folks.

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