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MoDo, Leave My Fav Zulu Queen Alone

With my new job that is all about Gitmo all the time, I’ve been ignoring the saga of those gauche party crashers who may or may not be on Bravo’s D.C. edition of Real Housewives. Mostly because they’re the worst kind of fame whores. They’re not even Effie Whites! There’s nothing loveable about them. They’re more like the Balloon Boy clan. Anything for TV time. But what I couldn’t ignore was this blatant takedown of Le Snob’s very bestest Zulu Queen, White House Social Secy. Desiree Rogers by one sometimes witty, almost never pithy, wordy wordsmith – the infamous MoDo.

More after the jump.

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Who's Afraid of Maureen Dowd?

When Maureen Dowd is good she is very, very good. But when Maureen Dowd is bad she's rotten.

Whether it's shellacking Hillary Clinton or ridiculing various limp-wristed Liberal girly men, she's not happy unless she's snarky. She's loves to bare her teeth and rip the flesh as she belittles and ridicules the subjects she deems inferior.

She's also insanely hard on women in powerful positions to the point that if she were a man she'd most undoubtedly would be a misogynist. But since she's a woman it's just ironic that she often has it out for other power gals who are opinionated as she is.

Maybe there can only be one Queen Bee. Perhaps that's what troubles her. Before my eyes she is morphing her 24/7 "Hillary Hate" coverage to possible Michelle Mincing. Dowd slyly expressed alarm over the femme Obama last year after she found her too tough on her "débutante" husband. She was too much of a dominating presence. Oh dear! A marriage where both man and woman are equal? Quelle horror!

Once again, IRONY. I often wonder if Dowd is aware that what she writes about Clinton and Michelle Obama and countless other female figures sounds an awful lot like what people say about her. That hateful bitch! And that's really what her deal is. She's a hater. She's the chick who calls you a lush after she's downed five shots of Patron. She calls you a slut in her Slam book. She's the toilet flusher when you're in the shower. The spazz who screws your boyfriend. The jealous diva who dumps pig's blood on your prom dress. She's that bitch.

God. I hate that bitch, but she's usually the most popular with the most money.

Dowd was a bit nicer towards Michelle Obama in her latest column. I put the nice part mildly as one can never trust Dowd when she appears to be charitable. Especially when some have claimed that Dowd can't tell Michelle Obama from other upwardly mobile black women. I'm always waiting for the biting backhand, the snide digs, the emasculation of the men and the masculation of the women.

But this column was particularly "Sob Sister-ish."

In their narrative of how Hillary lost in The Times on Sunday, Jim Rutenberg and Peter Baker said that Mark Penn argued that Hillary should subtly stress Obama’s “lack of American roots.”

That’s a good preview of how Republicans will attack Michelle, suggesting that she does not share American values, mining a subtext of race.

She’s a devoted daughter, wife and mother who has lived the American dream, from the humble South Side of Chicago to Harvard Law School. Hey, isn’t it totally unAmerican to complain that being a black woman in the ’80s at a class-conscious, white-bread college, Princeton, was somewhat uncomfortable?

This is especially interesting when last year, Dowd wrote this:

I wince a bit when Michelle Obama chides her husband as a mere mortal — a comic routine that rests on the presumption that we see him as a god.

The tweaking takes place at fundraisers, where Michelle wants to lift the veil on their home life a bit and give the folks their money’s worth ...

Michelle conveys the appealing idea that she will tell her husband when he’s puffed up or out of line. She aims high — she ordered her husband to stop puffing on cigarettes as he started campaigning. But then, why didn’t she see the red flags on the Rezko deal?

I can't tell how Dowd actually feels about Michelle Obama. I always think "it's a trick!" whenever she becomes charitable. How long will this last before the poison pens come out? This is the same woman who wrote "Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?" And Media Matters has devoted an entire report on Dowd's feminization of Barack Obama and John Edwards, as well as her continued disdain for Sen. Clinton.

(I)n an April 2 column, Dowd claimed that "[h]is strenuous and inadvertently hilarious efforts to woo working-class folk in Pennsylvania have only made him seem more effete." Later in the column, she wrote: "At the Wilbur chocolate shop in Lititz Monday, he spent most of his time skittering away from chocolate goodies, as though he were a starlet obsessing on a svelte waistline.


So don't mind me if I'm not reading Dowd's column today as a point of solidarity for bitchatude. It just sounds like the prelude before the first verse. I'm sure by the chorus the song will sound the same -- Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down.


Maureen Dowd accused of not being able to tell black folks apart

I found this clip on today and thought it was hilarious.

I read Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Times semi-regularly alternating between like and hate for her style of writing. But this story about a black columnist who claims Dowd confused her for Michelle Obama was quite the gem.

Here's a taste from "Michelle Obama: Do All Black Michelles Look the Same to Maureen Dowd":

Cherry-lipped Times columnist Maureen Dowd emphatically does not remember Times of London reporter Michelle Henery, but Henery sure remembers Dowd. At a recent Democratic presidential debate, Dowd got all "OMG so good to see you" with Henery even though they'd never met before, Henery wrote yesterday in a column. The explanation, based on Henery's scientific and conclusive email poll of friends: Dowd must have mistaken her for Michelle Obama. "I wondered how white America was going to elect a black man for president if they could not even tell us apart," wrote Henery, an American. The angry Dowd reaction, along with excerpts from Henery's yanked-from-the-Web column and pictures of both Michelles, after the jump.

For Dowd, the stillettos have come off. Dowd told the Post that Henery's account was "total fiction," that she never approached Henery, that she knows what Michelle Obama looks like and Michelle Obama would never be in the press room in the first place. Not that she's defensive or anything.