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Clutch Magazine: Ambivalent About Marriage, Serious About Love

In Monday's post for Clutch Magazine Online I wrote about that while black women have some of the greatest self-esteem around, some of us are desperate for any sign that we are desired, leading to some pretty compromising situations. Here's a snippet: "(T)here has been documented story after story after story of black women – often in a panic – over marriage. Personally, I think there are more panicking articles than actual panicking black women, but they do touch on one singular truth – some of us are never going to get married. Some of us really don’t want to be part of that some that won’t. So some of us say some really crazy stuff in this Great Man Panic of the 2000s."

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Married or Not, Black Women Are Having Fewer Kids

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an illuminating post for The Atlantic shedding light on some hard numbers that reveal the stereotype of black women, unmarried, pumping out babies as fast as they can print welfare checks is mere myth.

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Clutch Magazine: Single Black Male Seeking Long-Term Commitment, Won't You Help A Brother Out?

In my Thursday post for Clutch Magazine Online I wrote about a recent NPR poll that found more black men wanted commitment than black women. Well, knock me off a chair with a feather! So I had a little fun with the findings, celebrating an end to "desperate" single black women articles and a new era of "can't get a woman" single black man articles. Yes! YES! Bring on stories about dudes dying alone with their cats!

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