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Clutch Magazine: Are You Addicted to Love?

In a Friday post for Clutch Magazine Online, The Snob talks about the more dysfunctional end of serial monogamy -- namely your person who fears being alone so much, they routinely settle for horrible relationships. Then want to tell you all about them. But no one wants to hear about, gurl. Lemme talking you down from making this mistake again.

Snippet after the jump.

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Clutch Magazine: Snob Wonders If You and Halle Berry Are "Love Addicts?"

When I heard Halle Berry was engaged again (while being in the middle of a knock down, drag out custody battle over her daughter Nahla with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry), I thought about how turbulent her love life has been (at one point she declared she'd never get married again) and it reminded me of a few women I've known over the years who've fallen into the trap of "love addiction." It's a form of addiction where you feel worthless unless you're in a relationship, hence pushing you often into intense, high drama, sometimes abusive situations.

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