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Chuggin' 40s With Obama While Ed Schultz Disses GOP "Sluts" Who Criticize Traveling POTUS

Nowadays, it's perfectly OK to say something that is obviously racist, but then totally swear it's not racist as you did not say the N-word, so "Nah-nah-nah! You're overly PC and hyper-sensitive! I win!" The N-word, or "nigger," is a MAGIC word that once uttered there are no takesies-backsies! You ARE a racist and you will be forced to wear the racist crown forever and be shunned by your fellow slightly bigoted people who don't want to be tainted by your Bull Connor mouth. Sure, it's FINE to be prejudiced, just don't say that word! You can say everything but that word. Make weed, watermelon, monkey and fried chicken jokes and all will be fine if you just close it all with, "But white people like marijuana, watermelon, and friend chicken too and people called George W. Bush a monkey so, I win! I'm not racist!"

That way you can accuse President Obama of chuggin' 40 oz in Ireland (it was a pint of Guinness to be specific, not a bottle of Ol' English) and then be all, "What! Totally not racist! White people drink 40 ounces too!" 

It works. Nothing is ever racist anymore without the word nigger attached to it. Totally. It's science!

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Ann Coulter Bashed Michelle Obama's Clothes ...

... And I did not care.

Why do others care? It's Ann Coulter. She's two steps from self-immolation just to sell a book. And she's impervious to insults because, seriously, what can you say about the bag-o-bones that hasn't been said before? Isn't it just sad and funny now? Yet, this is everywhere so ... HERE IT IS ON THE SNOB!

Coulter wrote, "Her obvious imitation of Jackie O's style - the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls - would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint."(Huffington Post)

Oh, SNAP! Damn, Ann! Can't top that one! Michelle's a bootleg Jackie O. clone and she's married to B. Hussein Obama. Dammit woman, get some new material! If you're going to raise my ire at least make an effort. This is sooo not low blow enough. Where are all the cocaine references? The misuse of hip hop slang? The "angry black woman" shizz? Accuse Michelle of sucking the blood of dead fetuses or something to keep her youthful sheen. Baby rape is always a winner. Trust!

But ... sigh, oh, Ann, let's be honest. No one cares! Weezer said it best (don't pull my black card over Weezer), we're all on drugs! Obama drugs! Do your best (or worst). You will be a blip on the media juggernaut. (Although, I'm sure NBC will let you go on Today and Hardball and terrorize people as always. Folks love a ratings freak show!)

Maybe you can find some new 9-11 wives to mock. Maybe military widows this time.

OK, Ragedy Ann, I'll quit my mockery and admit my obvious bias. When it comes to conservative female pundits, I have picked my poisons -- James Carville's equally nutters wife Mary Matalin; the original Ann Coulter (but better, bitchier and, dare I say it, smarter) Bay Buchanan; CNN conservative/independent darling Amy Holmes and the equally hateful, but more entertaining Laura Ingraham. GO AWAY, Ann! I can't take someone who took the Prince of Darkness to the prom seriously. Amy AT LEAST goes for cute Jew boys. Have some STANDARDS!!!