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Beyonce Dons Blackface for French Magazine

Click to enlarge.Well, I guess this is a sort of improvement in that it's not Lara Stone painted black to celebrate Fela Kuti. It's just Beyonce ... in blackface to celebrate Afrobeat pioneer and activist Fela Kuti. So, should I only be particially offended? Because, ahem, it's still offensive. In the sense that this "tribute" ignores the fact that there are African fashion models and goes into some weird territory where a lighter complexioned black woman is just a slightly more tan stand-in for the white woman they'd normally have here doing the banana dance.

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Fashion Discovers Gapped Teeth, Will Likely Get Over It In A Few Weeks

Essence Magazine founder Susan L. TaylorOoo! Look! My mouth is in style!

From The Wall Street Journal:

At model casting calls for New York's fashion week, which begins today, one of the most coveted attributes is an affront to modern orthodontics: gapped teeth.

The look is a bold departure from recent standards of idealized beauty that have rewarded curvaceous and perfect-smile models, such as Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr, with high-profile ad campaigns.

Instead of perfection, designers now want what casting directors call "characters."

Now, before my fellow gapped-tooth brothers and sisters get too excited. Or start chirping about how in certain parts of Africa gapped-teeth are like the it-sexy thang to have, let's pay attention to who is being prized for their not-so-atypical mouths.

Psst. It's not you, Condoleeza Rice and Essence founder Susan L. Taylor!

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