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See, What I Had Meant Was ... Kiely Williams Edition

See, what she had said early on was that her ode to the wonders of date rape, "Spectacular," is that it was a message song. But in this video Kiely Williams helpfully explains that she's just playing a character and it's "just a song" y'all! Just a little club ditty about getting screwed without a rubber (possibly) by some guy you don't know while in a drunken blackout. Oh. OK, girl. I'll let my girl Denene from My Brown Baby take this one.

From My Brown Baby:

So singing about how "spectacular" it is to have drunk, unprotected sex with a random dude who's name she doesn't know is a public service announcement? For what? The quickest way to get HIV? Raped? Called a ho?

Thanks, girl. Good lookin' out for my girls. Just the message they need.

Um, so look: If this is how we stay relevant these days, Kiely, go for it: Get your edgy Lady Gaga on, do the Beyonce half-naked booty pop, rip out your soul and lay it at the altar of a Timbaland Euro beat—do what you can to keep the cabinets stocked with something other than Ramen Noodles. But really, girl: Leave the babies out of it. At least have the decency to admit the song sucks, the message sucks harder, and you just did it to avoid having to kick rocks for the rest of your life.

And then go kick rocks.


Sexual Consent: Kiely Williams Ur Doin' It Wrong

Fine. If you want to "blame it on the alcohol," fine, but don't try to convince me, Miss Kiely Williams, that it's a GOOD thing to have sex while in a blackout with some dude you don't know. Maybe Kiely, being a youngin', doesn't know what a blackout is, which is why I'm so perplexed by her song (and video) for "Spectacular."

I have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic who experienced blackouts and none of them sounded fun, let alone an environment where she could have consented to anything. Nothing like waking up wondering how your car ended up in a field or how you even got home last night and hoping you didn't hurt anyone or do anything crazy while you were completely out of it. Someone could/can do anything to you in a blackout. Kill you. Rape you. Beat you senseless. Take your money. Dump you in a ditch. Whatever. That's what a blackout is. Where you are so drunk that you are in danger of just dying from vomiting.

Hence why I'm confused by her song "Spectacular" where she sings that the sex was great EVEN THOUGH SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER IT! She doesn't remember how she got there in the song. She doesn't remember if he used protection. But it was "Spectacular!?" Get it? Even though she doesn't remember what the hell just happened, it was the bomb. Um ... noooooooooo! You're not describing a fun evening out. You're describing the sex scene at the beginning of in the film "Rules of Attraction" where Shannen Sossamon gets vomited on while being raped while she was blacked out.

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