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Herman Cain Accuser Says Pizza Man Could Be A 'Monster'

DAY 10! Another day. Another Cain accuser. Another Cain crisis. Another Cain denial. Another "Cainwreck" to cover. News producers gnash their teeth. They render their garments. They really would rather write about any other GOP candidate right now, but the Cain Controversies won't stop. "DIE!" they all scream, "Why won't this MONSTER DIE?!" Yet his poll numbers remain "high." He is still a "front runner." Therefore they must still cover this story.

Take it away, media!

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I Stared Into the Writer's Abyss and Blinked

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Was it nice? Did you eat a lot? Did you have fun? I was mostly grouchy because I missed my family in St. Louis. Yeah, sure. I went and had Thanksgiving at friends' houses and that was great and I had fun and all, but ... you know? Missed the family. That said, I got up this morning and fired up the ol' laptop and read my favorite news sites, took a deep breath and realized I had nothing to say. Don't you hate that when that happens? Isn't that so embarrassing?

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George W. Bush's Worst Moment? Hurricane Kanye

What do former President George W. Bush and country-pop darling Taylor Swift have in common? The worst moments in their lives involved getting word bombed by Kanye West, musical genius and "habitual line stepper."

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