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Justin Bieber Spits Hot Fire (Video)

I'm just waiting on the inevitable Willow Smith mash-up. (YouTube, H/T BasseyWorldLive)


I Was Born In '77, Now I'm 33! Hooray For Meeee!

Tis mah birfdey. Justin Beez just wanted to say "Hootie hoo!"Today is October 8th. The day I was all kinds of born. I was born during some game of the World Series that my father's favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, would go on to lose. Jimmy Carter was the President. My parents would go on to vote for him ... both times. I wasn't supposed to be born that day, according to my doctor. I was six weeks early. Largely because even as a fetus, I did not plan and just did whatever I wanted to do on my own schedule. I'LL TELL YOU WHEN I NEED TO BE BORN, DOC!

With that said, I'm taking the weekend off. See you Monday, snobs! Keep ya' noses up!


The One Where Kanye and Raekwon Trick Me Into Listening to Justin Bieber

First off. Every guy I've ever seriously dated has loved Wu-Tang in an unhealthy, "I'm going to hide the Man With the Golden Arms because I can't listen to this crap anymore" way. This doesn't mean that I dislike the Wu. Au contraire! I actaully like a quite a bit of their music. And most of you know how I feel about Kanye (Love him. Love to hate him. I own the mixtapes and follow him on the Twitter.) So when I saw this on Gawker asking me if I'd like to listen to Justin Bieber's "Runaway Love" with Kanye and Raekwon I wanted to say, "God no." But I couldn't.

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