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The Snob Is Scared to Watch "Temptation," Y'All

Source: LionsgateI was (and I'm still) going to go see Tyler Perry's new film "Temptation" but it happened to come out the same weekend as a planned vacation. So I though, no big. I'll see it on Thursday, I thought. But then it started on Facebook with enraged friends giving away the ending, screaming to anyone who would listen how infuriating the film was.

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Black Snob Featured On Jezebel Today!

One of my favorite "Lady blogs," Jezebel republished my "Segregated Gossip" story from Monday about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz! So exciting! I've already gotten 12,000 pageviews on Jez! Check out the story (and the comments) on Jezebel!