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The Snob On NPR Talking Student Loans, Marriage and Kim Kardashian's Divorce

The Snob returned to NPR's "Tell Me More" Tuesday to chit chat about President Obama's student loan pay down plan, Kim Kardashian's "soap opera" love life, the gender complexities of modern love and marriage, and how the "scarcity model" (re: EVERYBODY MARRIAGE PANIC!) affects women views of relationships and each other. Michel Martin was out Tuesday, so Allison Keyes guest hosted our rousing conversation where I'm pretty sure my eyes rolled out of my head while talking about Kim Kardashian's divorce, as always. I'm a habitual eye roll offender, which is probably a good 60 percent for why I keep getting invited back to the show. Joining me on the show were the awesome Latoya Peterson of Racialicious, NPR Digital News Editor Tanya Ballard Brown and Jezebel Editor-in-Chief Jessica Coen.

Listen to the show after the jump.

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