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The Root: On Jesse Jackson, Jr., Bipolar and Money

Jesse Jackson Jr. (Official portrait from Congress)In a post for The Root, I write about former House Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. and how being bipolar both does and doesn't play a role in the kind of decision making that lead to Jackson's downfall. In it, I also write about my own failures in judgment, also often related to money when it comes to the disease. We don't choose this disease, it chooses us. Ultimately, the only thing we have any control over is if this pain will be self-inflicted or if we'll wear out our welcome in the world, putting it on others.

This story is about when we take it out on others, or in this case, our wallets.

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Carol Moseley Braun Wants To Rule Chicago Too

Everyone wants to be mayor of the Second City. Of the Not New York. Of the town where half my Arkansas-born uncles live. Of the city Daley built. Everyone. And with Jesse Jackson Jr. looking all kinds of wet after that insta-sex scandal that opened up on him, former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun is thinking the mayor's seat could use a woman's touch. What amazing tragedy will befall her with former White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel vying for the chance to rule my kind of town (Chicago is)?

Not that I'm implying that tragedy grows where my Rahmbo goes. (But yes I am ... I am implying this.)

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Rahm Emanuel Run For Chicago Mayor Near Certainty

Ahhhhh. It's all going according to plan! With that pesky Jesse Jackson Jr. neutered due to some old, crusty scandals that got sprayed with Febreze and aired out JUST IN TIME for Rahm Emanuel's big "I wanna be the New Daley" reveal, the soon-to-be former White House Chief o' Staff can get ready to break big in America's Second City.

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