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Racist, Sexist YouTube Campaign Ad Shouts "Give Us Yo Cash, Bitch"

Outrage. I only have so much of it left! 

Therefore, this online campaign produced by the Turn Right USA PAC in support of Tea Party Republican Craig Huey is only getting a heavy sigh and a befuddled stare out of me. This ad is an attack on Democrat and Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn. Whatever "point" the creators had initially with the ad is lost in the shouts of "Give us yo cash, bitch" while a stripper bends over and shakes her butt with dollars stuck into her booty shorts. It was pretty depressing. Especially with ol' Skids and Mudflap* there, raping along like this crap was cool. (The song was written with the help of fake 2 Live Crew booty bass group, Splack Pack.)

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