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Rep. James Clyburn Pushes Back Against Critics of Dems, CBC

Rep. James Clyburn addresses black bloggers about the midterm elections on Thursday.And he did it with a history lesson.

In a fiery presser on Capitol Hill Thursday where he at times seemed visibly frustrated, South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn blasted members of the Democratic base who were withdrawing support, money during the Midterm elections. He said those Liberal and progressive critics who get stuck on things like the health care bill not being exactly what they wanted lose sight of the long battle.

"I don't understand this notion that if I can't get everything right now then there's no tomorrow," Clyburn said.

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Video: Alvin Greene Knows How You Feel Because He's Unemployed Too!

Well. The Internet wins again! A here's a music video heralding non-working man hero and South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene. It has everything! Old school fly hip hop lyrics. A slammin' beat. Off n' poppin' LeBron highlights! Michael Steele would approve! (You know he's rocking this ditty out at his barbecue this weekend. Yet somewhere Rep. James Clyburn frowns.) This has to be the most dope, fresh, chill thing ever to pop up on the ol' YouTubes. A song for party people both red and blue, so open up your minds and stop the hate! Incumbent Republican Jim DeMint (a bad man) is going down! ... Then back to D.C. to peacefully serve out his next term. Democracy is magic! (YouTube)


The Curious Case of Alvin Greene

It's like the Manchurian candidate, but instead of blaming North Koreans people are running around screaming "It's a GOP plant!" But, wait? What? And more importantly, why? Yet here this guy is, winning a Democratic Primary, all Alicia Keys-style, singing "You don't know my name" because ... Alvin Greene didn't campaign. And there were no yard signs. Heh. Heh. Huh? Sounds like a c-o-n-spiracy, y'all!

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