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Frenchie in the final

Who's going to the Australian Open final? This guy.

I promise I'll write something serious soon, but man, he was so excellent on the court. The way he moved. The passion behind every hit. The way he picked Nadal apart and beat him in three straight sets. I think I might have to break up with James Blake and get an upgrade to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the Frenchman who idolizes Muhammad Ali and bears a slight resemblance to him.

That and he is ripped.


To be honest, I wasn't surprised

Roger Federer beat James Blake in three sets. I didn't even watch it after I watched Venus Williams fuck shit up with that horrendous first serve. Not that the other girl was playing great either, she just wasn't as bad as Venus. The Williams sisters vowed to avenge their losses and that no one should be writing the obituaries or dancing on no graves yet.

I believe them. I believe they'll sack it up and get it together. But what about the rest of my Australian Open? What about me? All my favorites are out. All I have left is the hot Frenchman. Go, hot possibly African but probably mixed with something man, go!



Well, my girl didn't quite make it.

She broke down in the quarterfinal with Jelena Jankovic. I was naturally bummed. Surprisingly Serena's nemesis Justin Henin got ripped up by Russian hot chick, camera hustler Maria Sharapova. But James Blake is still in it. He's been playing fabulously. Of course, he's playing Roger Federer next. Which would concern me, as James can go from hot to cold at the flick of a wrist. But James has played well so far and Federer has had some tough matches. Both went five sets a few nights back to emerge victorious.

So while R. Fed is intimidating, he's not super human, like, say, the New England Patriots or Tiger Woods. And James is much, much more talented that his win/loss record shows. If James could find consistancy he'd be giving Federer and Nadal a run for their money.

Also, I still have Venus, who is lurking in the semifinals as well. Her play has been kind of wonky, but she's been worse. And Venus on a bad day is still better than half the players in this field. I wouldn't count her out. I'm also keeping an eye on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France who made it to the semifinal along with Rafal Nadal. I'll mostly be watching he's kind of hot in a, I have a ridiculous, portruding, Klingon-like brow, sort of way.

Did I ever mention that I love tennis? God! I love tennis! And the hot men of tennis. And the women who deliver a big serve. And the Williams sisters. And even James Blake. I love them, in case you couldn't tell.