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The Root: Former Amb. Charles Stith on the NSA, Africa


Featured on The Root this Wednesday is an interview I had with former U.S. Ambassador Charles R. Stith and we spoke extensively about the National Security Agency's spying program, why he thinks Edward Snowden isn't a hero, international terrorism and economic development in Africa. Check out the full story here.


Everybody Panic! Kim Jong Il Is Dead As GOP Candidates Rattle Sabers At Iran

Sunday night word finally made it's way to the rest of the world that "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il of the "People's Democratic Republic" of Korea, aka the "Best" Korea, had died on a train. Of course, who knows if that's true, being as North Korea is a completely cut-off country trapped in a ruthless dictatorship. Kim Jong Il could have died from an orgy or eating too many jelly beans or could have died three years ago and he was pulling a "Sixth Sense" all this time. You don't know. I don't know.

It's North Korea.

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GOP Looks For the Negative In Obama's Actions on Iraq, Libya

Barack Obama salutes Admiral Mike Mullen. (Via White House Flickr)So, we finally know when the rest of our troops are coming home from Iraq. It'll be by this Christmas. And it's great (obviously) as the war was largely pointless in the first place and, secondly, the Iraqis don't want us there anymore (as if they ever wanted us there), so we have to skedaddle and return the former Mesopotamia to those who have always lived there. And not many folks in the U.S. liked the Iraq War once it was obvious we'd invaded a country on a lark and turned it into Thunderdome. And President Obama, then candidate Obama, promised to end it and is. You'd think there'd be no "bad" side to this since major hostilities in Iraq have been over with for a minute now and we promised the Iraqis we would eventually leave and are now holding up our end of the deal. What's wrong with that?

Apparently, if you ask certain members of the GOP, everything.

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