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Actual Conversation From The Snob Household: Is That A Negro?

Sunday, Morning. Family Breakfast with Face the Nation

Papa Snob: Danielle! Is that man a black?

The Snob: Who?

Papa Snob: The brother that's talking on the TV right now. He looks white but he sounds black. I thought he was white at first but he keeps saying things like the way he says "right now" or other stuff that makes him sound like a Negro.

The Snob: What's his name?

Papa Snob: Arne Duncan.

The Snob: I'll look it up!

To the internet! One wikipedia check later!

The Snob: It says, "Duncan's spoken accent at this time led at least one college basketball coach to assume that he was of African-American descent." So he's white, he just grew up around a lot of black folks.

Papa Snob: Are you sure?

The Snob: It says his mother ran an afterschool program on the South side of Chicago for African American kids

Papa Snob: (Impressed) So his mother didn't run away from Negroes? Uh huh. Are you sure somebody's not ... you know?

Mama Snob: What's that supposed to mean?

Papa Snob: Nothing dear!


One Million Readers!

Today is the day (or should I say yesterday was the day), The Black Snob officially hit more than one million readers strong. That's one million readers since I officially started keeping count back in February 2008. I couldn't have done it without the readers, friends, fans, family, contributors and donors who all kept this blog going even when I wasn't sure how I would. But somehow a little personal blog that was an excuse for me to keep writing columns long after my newspaper gig went bye-bye grew into the multifaceted blog you're reading today, now with regular contributors (big ups to Luvvie and Nia!) as well as great supporters both financially and phyiscally in the form of Dot, Hopi, Joe V. and many, many others.

In honor of this milestone, all day long I will be reliving some of The Black Snob's Top Ten Posts, starting with what remains to be a popular series due to Google searches even though I haven't updated it in forever ...

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Your Favorite Minority Actors Get Jobs In the Fall (Only To Probably Lose Them When They Get Cancelled)

(Left to right) Wentworth Miller, Derek Luke, Daniel Henney, Stephanie Jacobsen and Harry J. LennixHere's to hoping that won't happen!

The Black Snob enjoys keeping tabs on all minority actors, mostly because I'm just happy when one of them gets a regular paycheck. I'm even more happy when it's someone I like (Daniel Henney or Derek Luke) versus someone I can't stand (Taye Diggs!), but am happy for their employment anyway. Unfortunately (or should I say "as usual"), there aren't many new roles for black actresses on the major networks. If you're a sister and you're on TV it's because you got rehired from your old job (talking to you, Chandra Wilson and S. Epatha Merkerson). Everyone else is SOL. Hope you get some guest spots.

That said, this fall a lot of new shows will premiere with black, Latino, Asian and lots of biracial cast members. (Although the biracial people almost never get to BE biracial -- *cough* Mark-Paul Gosselaar is half Indonesian! *cough* -- tis America, you are what you look the most like.) Here's the rundown of who's who on what's what.

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