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Bill O'Reilly Gets to the Smug Factor on Lupe Fiasco's "Obama Is A Terrorist" Comments

While his No. 1 nemesis was broadcasting from digital exile, FOX News all-star Bill O'Reilly was on The Factor still fighting the Ghost of Yesteryear's Sista Souljahs and and Ice-T "Body Count" Cop Killahs, when for the umpteeth time, O'Reilly invited a rapper on his show (this time Lupe Fiasco) just to not let him talk, then tell him why he was wrong, then say something to the effect of "what about the children?"

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Lauryn Hill Doesn't Care About You And Other Revelations

From New York MagazineI had a lengthy chat with my friend Flyblackchick about singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill and the reaction to her behavior at her recent live shows. Most of the uproar came from her being late, possibly being difficult and being wholly indifferent to anyone's complaints. A lot of people who love Lauryn and her music were upset about this. We both gave it the ol' Kanye shrug. Mostly because, well, she's an artist. Artists, like most human beings, aren't always the most likable, sensible, understanding or grateful people.

And if you've been paying attention, Lauryn Hill's been pretty disinterested in pleasing an audience for years now.

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Kanye West Produces Gorgeous Hot Mess In "Runaway"

Image via GawkerWell, that was 34 minutes I probably won't get back. I wasn't necessarily mad that I lost 34 minutes to watching Kanye West's opus "Runaway." But as someone who has consumed as much media as I have, I came away will feeling that Kanye is someone who's also consumed a lot of media, and while talented with a good eye and ear, I can't say the actual writing and execution of "Runaway" was particularly ground-breaking. But, hey! He tried something different! Ballerinas! Explosions! Giant white Michael Jackson heads! All starring Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks near naked in nothing but feathers as that hoary trope "The Phoenix" and Kanye West as that other hoary trope "The Troubled Artist No One Understands!"

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