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Herman Cain Supporters Find Their Inner Clarence Thomas (Video)

HERMAN CAIN! Sick of hearing about him yet? TOO BAD! It's Fall and there's the smell of pine needles and SCANDAL in the air! Cain's all over your teevee and your blogs and your newspapers and your magazines! He's dominating your YouTubes! Causing a ruckus! I even wrote an extensive catalog of all his SCANDALS (19 and counting!) Today, everyone in Media Land is wondering if the National Restaurant Association will let one of those women folk who are accusing Cain of sexual harassment tell her side of the story. It's Scandal Thanksgiving out there, where TV advertisers for news networks express their gratitude to politicians for messing up just enough so they can turn their news apparatuses into tawdry, ratings-grabbin' gossips. 

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Can You Count All The Herman Cain Crises? The Snob's Got The List!

Herman Cain! He's still running for president! But with the number of crises breaking all around our representative from Godfather Pizza, it can be hard to keep track. Where did they all come from? And how did they happen? Well, The Snob is here to help you out with my handy Black Snob Cain Crisis Watch List!

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For Halloween, Ghosts of Sexual Harassment Haunt Herman Cain

Herman Cain spent all of Halloween Monday rearranging the deck chairs on his unsinkable disaster presidential campaign after Politico ran a story on Cain being accused of sexual harassment during his tenure with the National Restaurant Association.

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