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Herman Cain Accuser Says Pizza Man Could Be A 'Monster'

DAY 10! Another day. Another Cain accuser. Another Cain crisis. Another Cain denial. Another "Cainwreck" to cover. News producers gnash their teeth. They render their garments. They really would rather write about any other GOP candidate right now, but the Cain Controversies won't stop. "DIE!" they all scream, "Why won't this MONSTER DIE?!" Yet his poll numbers remain "high." He is still a "front runner." Therefore they must still cover this story.

Take it away, media!

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Herman Cain: All The Single Ladies 

"You want a job, right?"

-- What fourth sexual harassment accuser Sharon Bialek said pizza man president Herman Cain said to her when she asked him what he was doing with his hand up her skirt back in 1997.

* * *

Monday, some blonde lady said back in 1997 Herman Cain groped her crotch and tried to get some sexual healing from her in a quid pro quo, "Ass For Jobs" program. It was hilarious. And sad. Gloria Allred, attorney to any woman at any time if there's cameras involved, was there. She said Cain tried to give single mom and life-long Republican Sharon Bialek his "stimulus package." And ... uh, huh huh. Har-de-har-har. Allred's got jokes.

Let the bets begin on when Cain will get out of the race! I say never. He's going all-the-way, baby.

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Gloria Allred Found Herself A Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accuser

Past women's rights super lawyer Gloria Allred, who is now better known for her defense of any scandal-plagued woman attached to a TV camera, is holding a press conference today representing the fourth mystery woman to claim presidential candidate Herman Cain offered to play "hide the sausage" with her. Who will this woman be? What will she have to say? Will this make the scandal better or worse? Who knows! Or, maybe we'll know, come noon, when Allred and her mystery accuser take the microphone in New York City and make their sexual harassment claims known.

In other uncomfortable news: 48 percent of middle school through high school students are sexually harassed. That's 56 percent of girls and 40 percent of boys all in grades 7-12. Sexual harassment, folks, is not rare. But in junior high, just as in the workplace -- it's the doing anything about it that's rare. (H/T Gawker, Huffington Post)