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Are You Signing Up For "Obamacare" Tomorrow?

President Barack Obama meets with senior staff in Chief of Staff Denis McDonough's office in the West Wing of the White House, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)Because nothing can happen in Washington, D.C. without it turning into a mess of dysfunctional macho posturing -- on the same day you can start signing up for the Health Insurance Marketplace as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act -- there will likely be a government shutdown. It's all part of the Republicans quixotic attempt to stop "Obamacare" before it starts and people end up accidentally liking it. 

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Florida Declares Gov't Healthcare Unconstitutional

Pete Souza/White HouseA federal judge in Florida declared President Obama's healthcare reform was "unconstitutional" because of something-something. It really doesn't matter. This was part of about 26 random state lawsuits against the bill ever since it became law. (The Federal government has argued that state's cannot just sue this thing away, but the ruling will get bumped up to the Supreme Court, so that should be fun.) I think the judge was arguing the landmark legislation wasn't legal because folks would have to sign on for the health insurance program in 2014, via the "individual mandate." Of course, based on this logic, folks should be able to declare their car insurance payments unconstitutional, but, believe me, if the government didn't require car insurance, a whole lot of people would be using that $50 to $100 per month for their State Farm payments or beer. But MANDATE! STATES RIGHTS! OBAMA-SCARE! FLORIDA! ALL-CAPS! (


Beaten At A TownHall?!? Knee-Grow Please. (Guest Post)

This story originally ran Monday on, the Web Site of The Black Snob's official play cousin. It was reposted here due to its St. Louis connection and the long-held belief that if some Union thug actually did beat you down you honestly wouldn't be able to talk about it as your jaw would be wired shut. Let's just be real about it. Also, even though the county police were out numbered at this event 15 to 500, the county police (like many law enforcement officials) don't tolerate anyone dolling out beatdowns who aren't them. But I digress ...

By AverageBro

Maybe you saw last week's alleged beating of a black man outside a St. Louis townhall meeting, maybe not. In any event, the organizers of these sometimes disruptive protests now have their mascot. And surpise, surprise, he just so happens to be black.

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