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The Power of the Black Woman Vote and DC's Adrian Fenty

Fool a black woman once, shame on you. And that's it. No fool me twice. She won't hate you; she just won't vote for you again.

-- Washington Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy

Washington Post's Courtland Milloy wrote on Wednesday that after several high (and low) profile snubbings of black women in Washington, D.C. -- From Maya Angelou and civil rights icon Dr. Dorothy Height -- Mayor Adrian Fenty managed to tick off the one constituent who can make you or break you in a city where the black vote matters.

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Dear Harold Ford Jr., I'm Sorry I Called You A Princess

Because it's insulting to princesses mostly. Not because I feel bad or anything.

Anyway, unless you've been living under a rock, my favorite sexxxxy*, pretty, pretty ... um ... Shit. Now I need to think of a new nickname. Pretty Pretty NotPolitican? Pretty Pretty Pundit?

Yeah. That's better.

My favorite, sexxxxxxxy, Pretty Pretty Pundit, Harold Ford, Jr. punted on running for Senate in New York after everyone in the whole wide, wide world of sports told him it was a TERRIBLE idea.

Why was it a bad idea?

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BlackSnob Gets Mention on The Daily Beast!

And it's about Pretty, Pretty Princess Harold Ford Jr.! Something about how folks are bigots and he's a lousy politician, but the combination of being a lousy politico AND being in an interracial marriage probably won't help his case to become the next Senator from New York. Just sayin'!