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Talking Women, Gun Debate on NPR's Tell Me More

Last week, I went on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin for the Beauty Shop segment where we discussed women and the gun control debate. All of us shared personal stories about how the gun issue isn't about gender, but some of the reasons why a woman may (or may not) own a gun has a lot to say about our society.

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Now Folks Are Bringing Guns To Healthcare Rallies For Poops and Giggles

Again. Don't really know what packing heat has to do with healthcare. Why are guns part of the healthcare debate? Is it because you need to hold up an emergency room to get some healthcare? Explain! Things have gotten so ridiculous that as of Monday, now gaggles of people are bringing their small arms to rallies and now a radio show host has staged his own Arizona gun-in when the president was in town (It's like a sit-in, but with guns) with a semi-automatic. You know? For publicity. Rick "Rob Riggle" Sanchez held the conservative host Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence feet to the fire over the stunt.

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It's Bring Your Gun To The Obama Townhall Day!

Like Stephen Colbert and his precious "Sweetness," some people like to take their guns with them wherever they go. It's why they have conceal and carry laws in many states -- so you and your gun never, ever have to be apart. But some people really like to prove that point that no law shall separate a man from his own private law enforcement system. Like, really, really want to prove a point. Like within several hundred yards of the President of the United States.

You know? Just cause!

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