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Rand Paul & the GOP: Black Friend Wanted

Big week in conservative outreach to the black community

Rand Paul went to the Harvard of historical black colleges -- Howard University -- to school a roomful of already educated black students on how President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and that all of the NAACP's founders were Republicans. (Some were also white! And really light-skinned Negroes!!! And Ida B. Wells!!!!) Of course, all the students (and me and most black people who can read) already knew this.

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Slavery? Not That Bad, Sez CPAC Attendee

Stay in school, kids. Or ... um, don't stay in school. They're probably teaching that unit on slavery wrong if you live in certain parts of the American South and Texas. (Source: Clutch)


GOP Performs Autopsy On Ailing Political Body

Head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus talks about the GOP's report on CBS's "Face the Nation."In the new "autopsy" report, (called the "Growth and Opportunity Report) is out! Re-published by Politico, the GOP outlines what they need to do to get out of their rut of losing presidential elections. Highlights: endorsing comprehensive immigration reform, a $10 million outreach effort for minority communities, reforming its digital operations and making the GOP presidential primary process shorter and having their nominating convention sooner.

Because this report is long and you probably don't want to read it, I'm going to break it down for you with some highlights and commentary. Giving you only what you need to know about what the GOP thinks it's doing wrong to get your vote.

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