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Temptation: There's No Redemption In This Gospel Play

Tyler Perry recently shot a spot for Oprah's OWN dressed as Madea while Winfrey returned to her "Color Purple" character Sofia. In "The Color Purple," Sofia gets a redemption story arc. But in Perry's new film "Temptation," redemption and forgiveness are hard to come by.There's not a lot about Tyler Perry's "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" that I can say that hasn't been said by everyone else who was either amused or horrified by it. Other than the whole thing had a familiar ring to it. A late Sunday night, St. Louis cable access channel ring to it. 

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The Snob Is Scared to Watch "Temptation," Y'All

Source: LionsgateI was (and I'm still) going to go see Tyler Perry's new film "Temptation" but it happened to come out the same weekend as a planned vacation. So I though, no big. I'll see it on Thursday, I thought. But then it started on Facebook with enraged friends giving away the ending, screaming to anyone who would listen how infuriating the film was.

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The Snob Is Going to Watch Tyler Perry's "Temptation," Will Try to Be Open-Minded

Why is that a headline? Because I famously avoided Tyler Perry's last big release "For Colored Girls." The closest review I gave was quoting other people's reviews, then live-tweeting my friend and logo designer Jada Prather's accidental review of it on Twitter. I've since seen Alex Cross, a film so generic it should come in a DVD with a white label and black lettering, but I didn't fault Perry as a bad actor in that. (Although the physical moments where he had to jump or fight or wield a gun always illicited giggles in me.) Alex Cross was just in that it's script was of made-for-TV quality.

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