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Permenately Tanned, Somewhat Rested and Ready

I'm back. I got some sleep. I ate banana pudding. I hung out with my best friend Tiff-a-rooney. I wasn't quite successful in completely clearing my head, but I don't think I'm going to put the hurt on anyone any time soon.

As you could tell, I actually posted next to nothing for four whole days. And that's pretty huge considering I'm a blogging junkie and so much news happened. My opinions in brief:

Hillary Clinton's campaign is the walking dead.

Barack Obama quitting Trinity was a rather depressing affair.

Fr. Michael Pfleger is tragically hilarious and not PC, but c'mon! That shit was funny! Everyone is so freakin' uptight. And how is this Obama's fault? Seriously!

Former loyal Bushie Scott McClellan's "crisis = opportunity" moment was interesting, but about four years too late.

Geraldine Ferraro on FOX News needs to make like Dave Coulier and "cut it out."

Howard Dean did OK playing Solomon while bringing the Florida/Michigan debacle to a resolution. It's obvious he wants this shit to be over, like yesterday.

Puerto Rico should really be the 51st state by now. I don't get the hold up. Is it because they primarily speak Spanish there? Are we hating because they've produced some extremely attractive celebrities and athletes? Is it because they're tropical people? Too many Los Negroes? Are we too lazy to redesign the American flag? If the vote ever comes up I'm voting statehood. The Snob's gotcha back, Puerto Rico! Viva la boricua! Whenever you want to do this thing I'm down.