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Married or Not, Black Women Are Having Fewer Kids

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an illuminating post for The Atlantic shedding light on some hard numbers that reveal the stereotype of black women, unmarried, pumping out babies as fast as they can print welfare checks is mere myth.

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Everybody Panic: Aging Pipe Will Kill Us All

Last Thursday a gas line pipe that was more than 50 years old killed several people (they're still looking for dead) and destroyed a California neighborhood when the old pipe burst in a suburb of San Francisco. Experts are now saying that this is yet another tragic example of how the United State's aging infrastructure is at risk of harming more citizens. Just like the tragedy of the Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007. Things are so bad, in fact, that an infrastructure safety advocate says that the regulations are so loose and all over the place on our aging pipes that "If this was the FAA and air travel we were talking about, I wouldn't get on a plane."

Um ... *look at ground beneath my feet* ... someone hold me.

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