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Michael Ealy: "For Colored Girls" Is Not "Male Bashing"

Actor Michael EalyPushing back against charges by some that the film is derogatory towards black men, actor Michael Ealy, who has a role in Tyler Perry's film version "For Colored Girls," came out in defense of Perry's work. In an interview with, Ealy defends the film, explains his character (an abusive war veteran) and tells critics of the movie and Perry to look at the "bigger picture." He thinks people should keep the film and the original stage play its based on in context.

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Jay-Z Feels Bad For Past Lady Dissing

Funny what growing up, getting married and being a success will do. Now that rapper Jay-Z has made it form hustler to business mogul to hubby the mad he once felt towards the womenfolk has left him. Now that he's working on his new book "Decoded," which is about him explaining some of his past lyrics, he realizes that there are a few songs there that he'd rather not revisit.

Namely, "Big Pimpin'."

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Apparently This Real Housewives of D.C. Show Is Awful, Just ... Awful

Stacie TurnerI still haven't seen an episode of Bravo's Washington, D.C. version of Real Housewives, but I promise, whenever my internet guy shows up and gives me high speed internet I'm going to download an episode from somewhere and give this the snark it deserves. Until then, you're going to have to settle for this comment from Richard Lawson at Gawker about the show's only black "housewife," the "far too normal seeming to be involved in this hot mess," Stacie Turner.

Just look at her. Looking like your sister/cousin/soror/friend. She doesn't belong on there with the famewhores-that-shall-remain-nameless and the crazy people. What's going on, girl? For real. What's going on?

"Insight" from Lawson at the jump.

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