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President Obama Says He's Not Dick Cheney

Image from NY Mag (source)

After all, he hasn't shot anyone in the face or inspired images of Darth Vader. Glad he cleared that up.

But seriously, since the NSA's spying program has been a-spying since the Bush Administration, President Obama has come under fire for not ending these policies that violate American's civil liberties. He went on PBS and talked to Charlie Rose where he said the NSA surveillance programs were transparent. (Even though they're authorized in secret, sez USA Today.)

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The Snob Returns to Tell Me More on NPR Today

The Snob is making a stop at NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin to shoot the breeze during her "Beauty Shop" segment Thursday. I'll be on with political commentator Michelle Bernard, the Wise Latina Club's Vivivana Hurtado and Jet Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mitzi Miller. We'll be discussing a few things I've been meaning to write about -- the Surgeon General suggestion that some black ladies don't hit the gym because they just spent $100+++ on that 'do and aren't trying to mess it up. Former Dark Lord of the Sith and sometimes for real president, Dick Cheney, living up to his first name and getting all kinds of gully and calling out former Secy. of State Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell of being punk mark ass marks. Twitter "going in" on NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's horrible Spanglish and Beyonce being pregnant with her and Jay-Z "babyonce."

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President Obama: The Man With No One to Hug

Sammy? Nixon! OMG, you two! Again? Get a room!Last week, I was chatting with an ex-White House staffer at lunch in Georgetown about President Obama and the midterm elections. I was talking, with horror, about how if/when the Republicans take back Congress, America can look forward to at least two years of gridlock, of nothing getting done, of government shutdowns, of political show offs and potential pointless investigations against the President in order to roust him from office.

Meaning -- 1994 all over again.

Which made me think of former President Bill Clinton and how Barack Obama can't use the last Democratic President's patented coping technique -- hugging it out with Negroes.

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