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Troy Davis Is Probably Going To Die Today

After appeals and the recanting of testimony from witnesses, as well as the pleas from various human rights groups like Amnesty International and the NAACP, the State of Georgia seems determined to put to Troy Davis to death. Davis was imprisoned for killing an off-duty police officer in 1989.

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How Peoria, Ill. Got Caught In Matt Drudge's "Race War"

The Drudge Report is prone to hyperbole. It was birthed on it. Exaggeration and obfuscation with splashy headlines and duplicitous links are just part of the hype machine that has propelled the site since its early days in the 90s, keeping tabs on then President Bill Clinton's sexual habits. Despite the reputation, though, he can still shock, such as when Peoria, Ill. made the front page of Drudge last Friday due to blog reports of roving gangs of violent black youths shouting "kill all the whites." The city and its residents had no idea what kind of hype machine they were getting tossed into.

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Thieves Flippin' "Hot" Stolen Hair Like Bootlegs

Back in the day they would rob the salon's cash register. Now thieves go straight for the hair, according to the New York Times' latest crime trend story. Because with some Indian Remy costing as much as $200 per package, stealing it means you can undercut hair salons and wig shops by selling the hot hair for cheap on eBay and out of car trunks for profit. But of course, some folks have gotten violent in their pursuit of hair, from a teenage girl pepper spraying a stylist to make off with the weave to a salon owner being murdered in a hair heist. 

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