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On the Internet, As In Real Life, the Onus Is On The Woman to Not Get Burned

Adria Richards speaking at a tech conference.Adria RichardsTo paraphrase Smashing Pumpkins, "The Internet is a vampire, set to troll." It can get pretty ugly out there and it's gotten very ugly for Adria Richards, who after tweeting about lewd language at a tech conference her employer was co-sponsoring, found herself out of a job. The ensuing publicity surrounding the case resulted in fine Internet dialogues like this ... and this:

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Ego Kills (Careers): A Reflection On Why Anthony Weiner Shouldn't Send You A Picture of His Junk

When NY Congressman Chris Lee sent my friend a shirtless cell phone picture of himself on Craigslist using a personal email address tied to his private Facebook account (all revealing he was a Republican member of Congress), the first thing I thought was, "Wow. That was careless."

Lee, as far as I know, seemed to like sending women pictures of himself. After the shirtless pic he sent my friend hit Gawker, other women (who may have been transgendered) popped up as well, claiming he had e-flirted with them on Craigslist as well. Rather than deal with the scrutiny, Lee stepped down. For the past week, another NY Congressman, the unfortunately named Democrat Anthony Weiner, had the crotch shot that went around the world pop up on his Twitter account. And even though someone deleted the Tweet, the familiar cries of "I'm hacked" hinted that all was not well in Weiner-ville.

Only instead of like Lee, who killed the story as quickly as he could by coming clean a few hours after the pictures popped up on Gawker, Weiner let the thing drag out into the usual denials and obfuscation and weirdness before he finally did the 21st Century new "Walk of Shame," when a public figure sulks past CNN cameras to slump over to a microphone stand and announce to the world he sent cocks shots to women he did not know.

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Craigslist Congressman's Former District Goes Blue Over Medicare

Congrats, Democrat Kathy Hochul! You just won one of the most conservative districts in upstate New York! She beat GOP contender Jane Corwin for the seat famously vacated by a randy representative who got his rocks off by sending a friend of mine cell phone camera pictures of himself, then ... later, started e-flirting with transsexual prostitutes. He also liked to party with lady lobbyists, making House Speaker John Boehner all frowny faced. But he stepped down and went into hiding before it got really ugly. Instead it was the GOP who took the heat as the Medicare debate killed their chances in a district that should have been a lock.

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