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Clutch Magazine: Lolo Jones and the Madison Avenue Machine

Thursday for Clutch Magazine Online I take on how Madison Avenue, in their continuing quest to sell flavored sugar water and tennis shoes, "made" Lolo Jones happen to the detriment of both Jones and her fellow hurdlers, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, on Team USA.

Jones, while a talented hurdler, was never the favorite to win gold in a race that was always going to be about defending Beijing gold medalist Harper and eventually 2012 gold winner Sally Pearson of Australia, but advertising execs had already decided long ago hyping Lolo was where money could be made. Sure, it would have been a great narrative if she redeemed herself after clipping the last hurdle in Beijing, losing her lead, but either way Madison Avenue got their star and the media got their narrative -- an attractive female runner to love then hate then talk about it endlessly.

All in an effort to sell you stuff.

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Would You Sue Over the "Paper Bag Test?"

Colorism is real. It's always been part of racism in this country (and others) where people, both white and black, demonstrate a preference for those who are lighter complexioned. So, initially, my response to a report that lighter skinned women receive lighter court sentences than darker skinned women was "Water is wet." Who's surprised there? People are always easier on people they "perceive" to be more attractive and hundreds of years of preferences and privilege have caused people to favor those with lighter skin. But was really interesting was towards the end of the article when Duke University professor William Darity suggests that dark skinned blacks may be able to use existing Civil Rights statutes to sue for discrimination.

Think about that. People suing others over organizations and businesses who still use the "Paper Bag Test" in their memberships and hiring practices. That could be interesting.

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"Dark Girls" Documentary Takes Painful Look at Colorism

Directed by Bill Duke, a 9-minute teaser for his new documentary "Dark Girls" takes a look at how colorism both within and without the African American community affects dark skinned black women. The womens' stories in this release are all quite painful in the rejection they felt or still feel from people, even loved ones, due to their skin color. 

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