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Michelle Obama Makes You Want to Hug Your Kids

... But I don't have any kids, so I hugged my mom. In a tear-inducing speech to raise funds for programs targeting at-risk youth in Chicago, the First Lady talks about the murder of Hadiya Pendleton, a teen who was shot in Chicago shortly after performing for the First Family during their second inauguration. Mrs. Obama said Hadiya was just like her -- a good student from a good family -- only the First Lady got to grow up and Hadiya was killed.

Go get your tissue now. I started crying just typing that sentence alone.

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Carol Moseley Braun Resorts to Calling Opponent A Crack Head

Carol Moseley Braun, in a private mayoral forum held in a church called her opponent Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins a crack addict. Did I mention this happened in a church? It was a church. And she pulled a verbal wig snatch saying that the reason why Van-Pelt Watkins wasn't aware of what she'd been up to for the past 20 years was because Van-Pelt Watkins was on that crack rock. Apparently 20-years-ago, Braun was out playing Ice T to Van-Pelt Watkins' Pookie in their personal Chicago-land production of "New Jack City."

What on earth just happened?

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Rahm Emanuel Will Be Your New Mayor, Chicago

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled, overwhelmingly, in favor of Rahm Emanuel staying on the Chicago mayoral ballot today. In a 7-0 decision, the court has now made the former White House Chief of Staff's plan for Gotham City domination near complete. Batman was unavailable for comment, but billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne was all, "For f*cks sake." Gage your outrage or "joy" rage (it's Rahm, so rage either way is appropriate) accordingly. (Chicago Sun-Times)