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When Racism Attacks the Rich: Oprah Edition

You can work your way out of poverty. You can fight your way out of despair. You can own homes in multiple cities and be one of the richest women in the United States of America, but gosh darn it, you can't buy your way out of being black. But if you are rich and black (and typically famous) at least you can do what us regular joes who get followed around the mall by rent-a-cops can't do. Go to the nearest TV camera or newspaper person and SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

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Paula Deen, N-Word Queen

Celebrity chef and butter fetishist Paula Deen accidentally came out of the bigoted closet of sorts this week when pages of her deposition were released in relation to a lawsuit that alleges Deen and her brother were terrible, violent, racist, sexual harassin', slave drivin' bosses to former employee, Lisa Jackson.

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Clutch Magazine: Embrace Your Irrational Hatred of Celebrities You Don't Know

Tuesday on Clutch I write about how often being a "hater" of celebrity isn't so much about the celebrity but ourselves and our deserve to vent. There's nothing more cathartic that going in on something you can't stand. It's a release. An unfair release to those we don't know, but a release all the same.

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