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Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Is Sick Of You Talking About That Damn Book

Apparently the straw that broke Mary Harvey's back was when Steve "Buy My Book Because Your Love Life Sucks" Harvey wound up on the cover of Essence Magazine. She was the ex-wife, you know. The one Steve left for his current wife. And Steve has been married three times, so there is at least one more Inception deep level of angry black woman in his past who hasn't fired up a YouTube account yet and started blasting him for being a hypocrite. What did the woman scorned have to say? Well, there was about 25 minutes worth of it, and it would have made Effie White proud.

UPDATE: Aaaaand now Mary's being sued by Harvey's current wife. Nice. Stay classy all you Harveys.

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Janet Jackson Is A Doll For Charity

Love Janet Jackson? Love Barbie? Got a few grand lying around to give to charity? Right now CharityBuzz is auctioning off a limited edition Janet Jackson Barbie doll. Current bid is $1,050, (!) but the estimated value of the doll is $15,000 clams. (!!!!) The doll Janet is based on a recent American Idol appearance by the pop royalty this year. Proceeds from the sale go to Project Angel Food. (Source: CharityBuzz, H/T Flyblackchick)


Put Your Hair Hat On Vivica A. Fox Style

This ad recently appeared on my site and I was all ... LOL WUT? I still can't get over actress Vivica A. Fox's face. I remember what she used to look like and I remember when she was the major crush of one of my ex-boyfriends. (It was her and Lela Rochon.) Then Viv went under the knife and this was the result and ... well ... you know ... whatever. If it makes her happy. She gets to date her younger man friends. She has more money that me. She gets a fresh line of crusty ass hat hair for you to purchase. She wins at this game called life. But these wigs here ...?

Church will NEVER BE THE SAME!