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"Awkward Black Girl" creator Issa Rae In Development Deal With HBO

Issa Rae, who I profiled here on ye olde Snob blog a while back, is working with comic Larry Wilmore on a potential new show starring Rae for HBO, according to Deadline. The show will feature Rae and be a comedic series with Wilmore will executive produce the show and Rae as co-executive producer. It's currently in development, which means it's not quite a pilot yet, but it's time to jump up and down and be really, really hopeful that it does lead to a pilot and then that pilot getting approved and then that pilot being aired and a new TV show is born. Let's get to birthing that show!


Lookie Der! It's The Snob In The Daily Beast Again!

This time it's me complaining about the lack of diversity in cable news! (You already got a preview of this rant on my own site.) But this time I get to elaborate on why it is considered OK for Tucker Carlson to fail at only Lord knows how many cable TV shows, but my dear Uncle Rolly Rolls, Roland Martin, WHO I LOVE, gets the whole "He doesn't deserve another shot at the majors because he couldn't save Campbell Brown's crappy show." That's some bollocks, son! Why Roland Martin is just as good (if not infinitely better) than ol' Tucker and he's twice as chippy as ANY screaming white guy on TV! DIVERSITY! Go get some! Don't be "scurred" cable newsers! (The Daily Beast)


The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.

The First Lady of the city of Washington, D.C., Michelle Fenty.If you haven't heard already the folks at cable network Bravo have set their eyes on the seat of our government as the place for the next installment of their "Real Housewives" series. I've never watched the durn show, but just as the Atlanta iteration allowed for some diversity to be thrown in the mix, I'm pretty sure there's room for a good mix of womenfolk in the D.C.-area.

While no one should hold their breath and expect to see Michelle O. on the show (I'm sure they'll be episodes devoted to people trying to get a meeting with the woman), I am wondering how "real" is Bravo going to get with this?

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