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Keith Olbermann Gets Nice, Publicity-Filled Four Day Weekend

Keith OlbermannIn today's hyper partisan version of entertainment news, it's become pretty common to find talking heads who are avidly backing, supporting, vouching for and donating to political candidates and their causes. Sean Hannity has done it. Joe Scarborough has done it. And neither are known for keeping their opinions to themselves. But for some reason, MSNBC's Phil Griffin panicked over the revelation that his No. 1 infotainment star had donated money to Democratic candidates and suspended him "indefinitely."

But ... never mind. He'll be back on the air tonight.

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Lookie Der! It's The Snob In The Daily Beast Again!

This time it's me complaining about the lack of diversity in cable news! (You already got a preview of this rant on my own site.) But this time I get to elaborate on why it is considered OK for Tucker Carlson to fail at only Lord knows how many cable TV shows, but my dear Uncle Rolly Rolls, Roland Martin, WHO I LOVE, gets the whole "He doesn't deserve another shot at the majors because he couldn't save Campbell Brown's crappy show." That's some bollocks, son! Why Roland Martin is just as good (if not infinitely better) than ol' Tucker and he's twice as chippy as ANY screaming white guy on TV! DIVERSITY! Go get some! Don't be "scurred" cable newsers! (The Daily Beast)