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Every Walmart Is Now the Dirty Walmart

When I would go to the "Dirty" Walmart in St. Louis (if you're from North St. Louis County you know which one and it rhymes with Best Clorrisant) I would always joke "We don't hire cleaning services and pass the savings on to you!" Which just had to be true. That Walmart was just filthy. Nothing like the giant, mega Super Walmart in the "nice" part of St. Louis County. But then even that Walmart started to get a little "Walmarty," with the empty, unstocked shelves, the clutter, the old merchandise, that general "What a dump" feeling I have about most Walmarts, compared to a "Dirty" Target store, which is just being a filthy hipster Target and is dirty "ironically" as Targets ARE NOT supposed to be dirty.

And yet they are.

But anyway, Wally World, what gives?

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Clutch Magazine: Black-Owned Hair Care Lines Boom From Natural Trend

It's a great day if you're in the natural hair business and you're an outfit run by an African American woman. For Clutch Magazine this Wednesday The Snob penned a piece on how smaller, minority-run hair care firms have become the leaders, leaving established multinational corporations like L'Oreal and Proctor & Gamble scrambling to compete.

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Daily Beast: Is Sharpton's MSNBC Show A Kick-Back?

The Daily Beast is reporting that Al Sharpton's new gig on MSNBC may be the result of the long-time Civil Rights activist endorsing the NBC Universal-Comcast merger. The merger was controversial for many reasons, but most because of the media behemoth it created. There was quite a bit of opposition against it, including opposition from some black organizations and members of Congress, but Sharpton, Ben Jealous of the NAACP and Marc Morial of the National Urban League all signed off on it. NBC-Comcast later agreed to creating a type of informal "diversity council" to advise the new media conglomerate. The Daily Beast is implying the council Sharpton helped create may have "created" Sharpton's new role with MSNBC as an afternoon anchor.

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