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Rep. Maxine Waters, CBC, Waiting For You to "Unleash" Them On Obama

While President Barack Obama was on the road doing a listening bus tour, members of the Congressional Black Caucus were getting an earful in Detroit from frustrated constituents upset over our dire economic conditions. When pressed on why the CBC isn't doing more to put pressure on the president, Rep. Maxine Waters gave a candid response that they were waiting on permission from their constituents. She said these voters, often fervent supporters of the president, needed to "unleash" them, like political Kraken.

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Black People Still On Twitter! *Clutches Pearls*

On The Root today Patrice J. Williams tackled the uneasiness some feel about "black Twitter" and its love of trending topics. Black Twitter, for those who don't know, is just regular ol' Twitter, only with a focus on how the black folks are communicating with each other via social networking. It's a great time to do some pop culture navel gazing. Most people use Twitter as an act of communication. Others use it as an expression of their worsening narcissism. Some people want to make whatever rap person Lil Duval tweets some variation a trending topic everyday. Other folks want to know #liesmentell. Some of those people are black people.

While I can understand the tendency as a black person who doesn't know who Lil Duval is and doesn't use Twitter to discuss the various ways women cheat on their man-friends to be all "OMG! LOOK HOW IGNORANT THOSE PEOPLE ARE BEING ON TWITTER!" This is one of those situations where I'm like, is this really a problem? And if this is a problem ... why?

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The Not-Quite-Gangbangers of Harvard

Apparently, a JD from Harvard can get you into the White House, but it can’t get you into the club. Recently, a party organized by black Harvard and Yale Alums was shut down because the club owners didn't realize there would be so many black folks at the party for the black people. As the line of black students/alums grew outside the venue, owners sounded notice that they were halting the event, due to "technical difficulties." Or, in other words, you might have a degree from Harvard/Yale, but technically, you're still black and therefore quite terrifying and therefore you might have that black Hulk-like rage and go "Black Hulk SMASH!" and "BLACK HULK KILL ALL DEH WHITE PEOPLE!"

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