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Sep092009 Exec. Burns Some Bridges On His Way Out

Ooo! Ooo! Good dirt. I haven't found any good dirt worth writing about in AGES. Especially about my loathed BET. Seems someone got fired/let go/kicked to the curb and decided to fire off the email of the ages -- and the threaten to write a book -- about the mess that is BET. Screaming, cursing fights! Backstabbing! Unprofessionalism! An obsession with fealty over quality! It's like that Aaron McGruder cartoon came to life. (You ain't neva lied, Aaron!) All in one delicious email from Andreas Hale, former Executive Editor of Music at And the folks at BlackVoices have the scoop. Here's a taste!

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Question of the Day: Ebony/Jet In Crisis

From Black Web 2.0:

By some accounts, Johnson Publishing is in crisis mode, with its print advertising revenue down three consecutive years and getting worse because of the recession and the wholesale shifting of advertising dollars to the Internet. This year alone, Ebony’s advertising revenue has dropped 31.8 percent, according to the Publishers Reference Bureau. And the worst may not be over, as many marketers continue shifting dollars away from black media and focusing on the faster growing Hispanic audience. The situation is so serious that Johnson Publishing has been forced to make a series of staff layoffs totaling some 150 people, according to published reports.

I don't read Ebony or Jet and haven't done much more than skim through one in years. I'm apparently part of the problem that is killing the two magazines -- younger readers who use the internet as their primary news source and not print. According to Black Web 2.0, Johnson Publishing, which owns the magazines, is starting a new push on-line to redevelop their content and make it more internet savvy, but when Jet sent yet another letter in the mail essentially begging for my parents to renew, this time without even having to pay a thing, I realized how dire it was. It was even more interesting how little my parents, who have read both publications their entire lives, seemed interested in renewing.

If older people aren't buying and younger people aren't reading, Ebony/Jet is going to have a tough time weathering the great Newspocalyse that has already claimed Vibe Magazine and many others.

The question of the day is: Do you care if Ebony/Jet is still on the shelves?

Ebony/Jet are the originals, the survivors and the best known black publications in the US. But both have been criticized for their content and their content is why I don't read. I find both magazines lacking in complexity. Others have their reasons for not reading. But part of me is sad that both magazines are struggling in light of the fact there are so few black-owned publications. What would Ebony/Jet have to do to get you interested in reading their product or do you believe that if they can't survive the market they should be allowed to die?


Wendy Williams Quits Radio, to Torture Us On BET Now

From the New York Times' Arts Beat:

For months, fans of Wendy Williams have wondered how the boisterous broadcaster would handle the demands of hosting a radio program and a television talk show. Now they have their answer: on Wednesday night, Ms. Williams said that she would leave her daily radio show, “The Wendy Williams Experience,” at the end of the month.

In a news release, Ms. Williams said that she would depart the show, which has been broadcast since 2002 on the New York radio station WBLS 107.5 and is syndicated nationally, after the July 31 show to focus on her television series, “The Wendy Williams Show.” In a statement, Ms. Williams said she was “blessed to have a broadcast home” on New York radio, adding: “My hope is that you will do your best to find me on your remote so I can continue to entertain and inform you each and every day.” (Update: Video of Ms. Williams announcing her departure from radio on her television show can be found here.)