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Blacker Than Black Or Just Another Case of American Anti-Intellectualism

In a recent post for The Root, We have been, for a while now, caught up in a vexed zeitgeist in which, for African Americans, racial integrity overwhelmingly equates to embracing the narrow values of the black street culture of the past three decades: hip-hop culture. Or, to put it another way, to be black in a 'real' way nowadays is to more closely resemble Jay-Z or Carmelo Anthony than James Baldwin or Thurgood Marshall."

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One Person's Blaxploitation Is Another's Black Buffet (A Black American In France)

Watching Tyra Banks In France

By Lynsey Saunders

Like a good bottle of French wine shipped to the US, all of our crappy TV is imported straight to France. The French brown people learn words common to the English language like ‘fierce’ (you’re fabulous Tyra) and know what it means to cook a good rack of ribs (thanks Kyle!) from shows like America’s Next Top Model and College Hill. Some of them LOVE it. I’m not sure if it’s the shows themselves or the idea that this is what a young black American like myself is watching, so somehow they become apart of the cool club. Think about that theory... The French learn all about us from the great shows on the classy networks like BET and MTV. I’ll prove to you how I know this theory to be true.

Let’s set the scene shall we?

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No Child Left Behind, My A$$. (Guest Post)

By AverageBro


I'm pretty serious when it comes to issues of education, especially as pertains to K-12. I've mentored and tutored because I really believe education is the great equalizer. Good grades, combined with a solid work ethic can take you many places, including the White House.

Of course, not all schools are created equal, which is something I can personally attest to. My rural/suburban town's only high school was typical of many in the South in the early 90's. Friday night football ruled. There were no AP courses. The CP courses were exclusively white. Despite having the highest GPA of any black student in my graduating class of 170, I was never at any point urged to take a college preparatory class. This was okay actually, because they only offered English and Math. I knew I'd be an engineering major in college, so I didn't even bother pressing the issue. I coasted and finished 12th in my class, then basically got a full ride to the school of my choice, so who cared?

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