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Beyonce Is So Famous Her Haircut Makes News

As in she's lacefront free. WHO KNEW THIS DAY WOULD EVER COME! KING BEY REVEALS REAL HAIR! Black Twitter goes a twitter! Drag queens faint. Stans cut their hair in solidarity. IT'S A NEW DAY, FOLKS! A YAKI FREE WORLD! (via Clutch Magazine Online)


The Snob Quoted This Month In Ms. Magazine

Guess which story I was interviewed for? Durr. Beyonce. It's always Beyonce.

Point #1: I like how Ms. found one of the most conservative photos ever of King Bey. It's like a photo from the time she got bored and decided to enter and win the Miss America beauty pageant.

Point #2: That headline is missing a question mark as in the interview with author Janell Hobson we were debating if Beyonce's actions and lyrics could be considered feminist. VERDICT IS STILL OUT!

Check the magazine out on newsstands this spring and summer.

I'm also quoted this week in an article about black people and mental illness on The Root, written by mi amiga Keli Goff. Check that out as well here.


Beyonce's "Bow Down" Is What Happens When You Read Internet Comments

No. Stop. Don't.

Beyonce just released an elbow-throwing, grimy ode to all her haters. Did it also confuse you? Here. Let me explain, but first listen to this.

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